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Background Checks for All Coaches


Written by: League Administrator
Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mount Laurel Basketball began conducting background checks on all participants in the program who coach our children beginning last year in 2014-2015 season. If you submitted a background check LAST SEASON and were cleared to coach in our program, we do not need you to submit a new application. If you did not submit a background check last year, you must submit a background check to be a head or assistant coach this year.

First and foremost, background checks are necessary as a matter of safety. Background checks have become a standard practice in youth sports, as coach violence and sexual abuse and harassment have become more frequent (although still rare) occurrences. As parents in our community, we have a responsibility to make every reasonable effort to protect our kids from adults in the program who have a history of irresponsible behavior or unacceptable criminal activity. Each year more programs, like ours, make the decision to take this action to protect our children.

After a considerable evaluation process, Mount Laurel Basketball has selected Protect Youth Sports to administer our background check program. Protect Youth Sports is a national organization that thoroughly, but discretely, works with numerous sports leagues throughout the country to conduct background checks. The background check requires very little personal information and takes less than 10 minutes to complete and submit to Protect Youth Sports. Protect Youth Sports ensures that the information you submit is kept in strictest confidence.

We have established a Background Review Committee comprised of 3 board members whose children have graduated from our program. They will receive the background check results that will show a “Pass", a “Fail" or a “Gray" area. The committee will be charged with insuring all coaches and assistant coaches are cleared to coach, communicating the negative results to the relevant league commissioner, and reviewing those findings that fall into the gray area.

You should know that all members of the Mount Laurel Basketball board of directors have submitted their background applications. For anyone who volunteers as a coach or an assistant coach and did not submit last year, please click on this link to complete your background check: To be clear, no coach or assistant coach will be permitted to serve in that capacity this season without having submitted an application either this year or last year,and being cleared by Protect Youth Sports.

There is no cost to you for submitting to the background check. Mount Laurel Basketball will pick up the cost of administering this program for our youth.

We appreciate your support for this very important program. We trust that you agree that the overriding safety of our children outweighs the minor inconvenience that each of us will incur in submitting to this background check.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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