Commissioner & Head Coach Responsibilities



1.         Attend all league meetings.

2.         Recruit head coaches.

3.         Organize and hold a tryout(s) per MLB guidelines.

4.         Structure your specific league (i.e. no. of teams, players per team, etc.) per MLB guidelines.

5.         Organize and hold a draft per MLB guidelines.

6.         Create and distribute practice and game schedules based on available gym times provided by MLB. Be cognizant, wherever possible, of specific days and times when head coaches may be unavailable.

7.         Review rules and code of conduct with head coaches.

8.         Pick up and distribute equipment and uniforms to head coaches.



1.         Attend all league meetings.

2.         Maintain accessibility to head coaches via phone and/or e-mail.

3.         Enforce MLB Code of Conduct.

4.         Handle league complaints/issues. Elevate to President of MLB as necessary.

5.         Periodically attend games of other coaches. Evaluate coachs behavior.

6.         Administer suspensions/expulsions if necessary.

7.         Maintain schedule and revise as necessary (snow days. etc,).

8.         Solicit all-star recommendations (where applicable).

9.         Communicate picture day information.

10.         Monitor web site to assure that game scores are being posted.

11.         Pick up and distribute trophies to head coaches (where applicable).


Post Season

1.         Request and collect post season player evaluations from head coaches.

2.         Collect equipment.




1.         Attend tryout(s) and help with the rating of players.

2.         Attend draft and select players.

3.         Provide Commissioner with scheduling conflict information.

4.         Contact players drafted and provide practice and game schedules.



1.         Assure kids are having fun and act as a role model.

2.         Review rules with players.

3.         Review Code of Conduct with players and parents.

4.         Handle team complaints/issues. Elevate to Commissioner as necessary.

5.         Maintain accessibility to players and parents via phone and/or e-mail.

6.         Communicate schedule changes with parents and players.

7.         Assure assistant coaching help is available in your absence.

8.         Get gym in order prior to and after games (e.g. lower baskets, get scoreboard out, etc.).

9.         Solicit help to run the clock/scoreboard at games.

10.         Post final game scores to the web site (winning coach).

11.         Contact head of referees if referees dont show.

12.         Attend and participate in picture day.

13.         Determine all-star selections using MLB guidelines.


Post Season

1.         Complete post season player ratings and submit to Commissioner.

2.         Return all equipment.

3.         OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED - Hold end of year Party or other type of get together (becomes less applicable as kids get older).

END - September 28, 2005