Residency Policy


  1. Mt. Laurel Basketball (MLB) is open only to residents of Mt. Laurel and Hainesport Townships.
    1. a. The only exception to this requirement are players in our Challenger program for children with Special Needs. This excerpt will be re-evaluated on an annual basis and may change in subsequent seasons.
  2. Temporary living does not constitute residency. To be considered a resident, a parent or legal guardian must be able to produce proof of the stated residency via at least two of the following: a. a current driver’s license b. a current voter registration card c. a single unit utility bill d. a lease or rental agreement
  3. If a child's parents live in separate residences, only one of the parents needs to provide proof of residency.
  4. If you are the landlord of an Mt. Laurel or Hainesport property but do not live at that property, only the tenants living at that location are eligible to participate in our program.
  5. The only exceptions to the residency policy would be a. You are in the process of moving to either Mt. Laurel or Hainesport and can produce either a signed purchase or lease agreement. b. You have recently moved out of either of these townships but are completing the current school year at either an Mt. Laurel or Hainesport public school. c. You are from out of state or out of the local area, living in extended stay housing due to a temporary job assignment, and have not formally changed your permanent residency status.
  6. MLB reserves the right to request proof of residency, or proof of school grade, at any time during or after registration.
  7. Anyone caught purposely providing false information on a registration form, including, but not limited to school grade or residency address, will have their child immediately removed from the league, even if practices and games have already begun.

    END - September 20, 2012